Outreach Services

CCLS Outreach

In accordance to New York State Education Law CCLS works to outreach to and support the following groups:

  • People who are Blind or who have a Physical Disability
  • Seniors
  • People who have a Developmental or Learning Disability
  • People living in Institutionalized Settings
  • Members of Ethnic or Minority Groups in need of special service
  • People who are Educationally Disadvantaged
  • People who are Unemployed or Underemployed
  • People who are Geographically Isolated

What is Outreach?

From ALA:  In libraries, outreach is often described as services for those who are infrequent users or nonusers or as services for those who are traditionally underserved.   Outreach strives to provide equitable delivery of library services to all people through the development of programs, policies, practices, and behaviors which make the library available to all people.

Ways to outreach:

General ideas include but are not limited to – promotion of library through frequently updated online presence, newspaper write up, radio interviews, flyers in the community, joining a civic organization, talking to the community when away from the library about the library, ask people in the community what they need, hosting community groups in the library, providing a diverse collection, programs.

Outreach Programs:

The possibilities are endless! Though our time and resources are not.  Directors know their communities best, including those who are not coming through the library doors.  Programs designed to reach these infrequent/nonusers benefit the library as well as the community.  Consider trying a new program targeted at a specific clientele, and get the word out.

Ideas–  search for library outreach programs on google or Pinterest. Facebook has library programming groups you can join to learn about new ideas to try. CCLS libraries- reach out to ask about programs other libraries have put on for ideas, or contact LJ (ljmartin@cclsny.org)  to help develop an outreach program once you’ve identified an audience.

Outreach Materials Available to Member Libraries: 

BiFolkal Kits  – Kits that come with a variety of activities and objects to put on a themed program. Aimed at the older generation and geared to center conversations around memories.   List and pictures of all the kits-  Bifolkal Kits

CCLS Banner, CCLS Table Cloth, Civics Kit, Magnifier, Craft Light –  List and description of items – Outreach Items

Day Adventure Pass Program – check out passes to explore local partner organizations.

CCLS Outreach Support Pages

Adult Literacy 


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Prison/ Jails Outreach 

Social Issues

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