Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council

The Coordinated Outreach Services Advisory Council (COSAC) of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System was established to act as a liaison between community populations targeted for outreach services and the libraries serving these communities.  The council exists to see that library services are reaching the designated populations in the best way possible.  The council acts as a forum and networking group to discuss strong and weak points of service and to consider creative ways of serving these populations.

COSAC’s Objectives are:

  • To review and evaluate current CCLS outreach programs and services
  • To identify needs and advise staff in developing new library programs and services
  • To identify community resources to meet the needs of targeted outreach populations
  • To advocate for coordinated outreach populations with CCLS member libraries
  • To advocate for CCLS outreach programs and services with service providers.

The current COSC has representation form the following Organizations

2019 Outreach Projects included:

Blount Library- Program of Batiking for geographically isolated
Cattaraugus Free Library -Created Mini Traveling Libraries for geographically isolated
Fluvanna Library-Planned Outreach programing at local Senior Rehabilitation facility along with programming the library directed at seniors
Prendergast Library- Served as a connector between RTPI programs and those who reside at the local senior center. In addition to continued programing established with the senior center.
Sinclairville Free Library -Increase audio and large print collection that rotates to local senior care center as well as buy multiple copies of titles for book club bundles.
Patterson Library- Provide materials at a local Community Kitchen and supply personal to help with technical questions during high traffic times. Supporting a variety of community members with different needs.