Deposit Collections

Deposit Collections


The aim of the Deposit Collection is twofold

  1. Reach out to geographically isolated populations: By rotating collections through nursing homes, CCLS enables readers to enjoy material without having to make the trip to the library. As the collection changes, readers are introduced to new titles as well as able to enjoy old favorites.
  2. Support member libraries: As new large print and books on CD are purchased, collections are rotated saving libraries from ordering duplicates, while expanding the title selection for patrons. With a rotation of these collections, patrons are exposed to different titles and more reading opportunities.

One asile of CCLS’ Large Print books

Some books have genre labels to help find requested reads faster

Books on CD ready to be listened to

The CCLS deposit collection currently serves 12 nursing homes and 27 member libraries between Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. Rotations for nursing homes are for 2 months and can range from 10-50 titles. Rotations for member libraries are about 3 months and can range between 10 and 50 titles. We understand readers have specific genre preferences and try to fulfill requests when possible.  Patience is appreciated due to the limited nature of large print and books on CD selection.

If you are receiving a deposit collections and need to make changes contact Jackie VanOrd-