How to use Item Search in Koha

Click here to download a PDF of these instructions.

Item search is used to generate a list of similar items.  For example, a list of your New Books, a list of missing items, a list of on-order items, etc.


1. In the top menu of Koha, click the arrow next to Search and choose Item search

Item search image 1


2. Make your selections based on the list of items you are searching for. In this example, we will run a list of items in the Shelving Location Coming Soon.


3. Choose your library in the Home Library drop-down, e.g. Ahira Hall Memorial Library

Item search image 2


4. Choose Coming Soon in the Shelving Location drop-down

Item Search image 3


5. Click Search

Item search image 4


6. At this point, you may either scroll through the list on the screen or export it to Excel by clicking the Export results to CSV button

Item Search image 5