KOHA Practice Tasks

KOHA should be accessed using Firefox or Chrome.  Internet Explorer/Edge/Safari, etc *should* work on the patron side (pop ups need to be allowed).  On the staff side, Firefox is the preferred browser.

**Just a quick reminder – please play with this at work and not at home.  You would be able to access patron files at home and that creates a privacy issue.  Thanks!**

Task One:

Task Two:

  • keyword/library catalog search.  (http://manual.koha-community.org/3.22/en/searchguide.html#searchguide-basics)
  • Search the catalog for a specific author or series using the keyword/library catalog search.
    • Now open up the detail page for a record (click on the title on a list or search results page) and choose to search for the title in another database by choosing one under ‘More Searches’ on the right.
  • Search the catalog via the advanced search page for a title and author combination.
  • Search using the advanced search page for a keyword in the title field and limit your results to one or two item types.
  • Search for your favorite topic. Use the filters on the left to find more specific results.
  • Open up the detail page for a record (click on the title on a list or search results page) and choose to search for the title in another database by choosing one under ‘More Searches’ on the right.

Task Three:

Task Four:

Task Five:


Task Six:

  • Click on Advanced Search
  • In the first search box, change the drop down to “subject phrase” and type in Linux.  In “Item Type” limit to Book.  Hit search.  How many results do you get back?
  • Hit the back arrow on the browser.
  • In the second search “box” (string) leave the first box at “and,” change the next drop down to “Author Phrase,” and type O’Reilly & Associates, Inc in the 3rd box and search again.  Give me the title of the book you found.

Under the call number on the results of this book there is the phrase “Browse the shelf” in blue type.  Click on that.  What books are to the immediate left and the immediate right of your result?

  • Now in the Advanced Search, search for title To Kill A Mockingbird and Author Lee, Harper with an item limit of book.
  • Click on the first record – what is the Readometer score?  Click on the Readometer box and check out what comes up.
  • Go back to the record and click on the tab “Book reviews by critics” to see book reviews.
  • Search to see if there is a Large Print version of To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Search to see if there is a DVD version available.


 Task Seven:

  • Here is a scenario:  You have a patron filling out a library card application.  All of a sudden, you have a long line.  You and your backup are doing everything you can to move the line along.  The patron finishes the application and also has a pile of children’s books to check out.  You have already checked the person’s ID and looked for a duplicate card, you can do the following to speed the process along:
    • Click on patrons
    • Click on Quick Add New Patron
    • Select the patron category (FYI – the categories that are still in all caps will be deleted before the system goes live.)
    • Now add the patron’s last name, date of birth, card number, and home library
    • Save the patron.
    • Check something out to that patron
    • When the transaction is done click on “print slip” to print receipt (We don’t have the other parts of the person’s account set up yet).
  • Pretend it has slowed down and you can now go back in to fully add the patron.
    • Go into patrons and search for the last name.
    • Click on the edit box on the right hand side of the row with the patron’s name
    • Modify the patron’s account to include all the information needed.
    • In the Patron messaging preferences, mark that the patron wants everything but “item check in” sent to them via SMS (text messaging) and add a cell phone number and provider in.  (Note – no dashes or parentheses when adding a number in the SMS field.  Also, the patron needs to give you their provider for this to work correctly).
    • Save the patron
  • That patron comes back in and states that they have lost the card they just got
    • Edit the patron’s account and give them a new barcode number.
    • Click on the “Fines” selection on the left side.  Click on “Create Manual Invoice” Add a $1.00 bill for a lost card.
    • Click on Pay Fines and pay the $1.00 bill