KOHA Knowledge (K)nuggets

  • Patron passwords are not recoverable. The stars show on the patron detail next to the Password label are always there even if a password isn’t set. If a patron forgets their password the only option is to reset their password. To change the patron’s password, click the ‘Change Password’ button
  • The OPAC Note is a note for the patron – it will appear in the OPAC on the patron’s record
  • The Circulation Note is meant solely for your library staff and will appear when the circulation staff goes to check an item out to the patron
  • Patrons can choose to receive these notices via e-mail or text:
    • Advanced notice : A notice in advance of the patron’s items being due (The patron can choose the number of days in advance)
    • Item checkout : A notice that lists all the of the items the patron has just checked out and/or renewed, this is an electronic form of the checkout receipt
    • Hold filled : A notice when you have confirmed the hold is waiting for the patron
    • Item due : A notice on the day and item is due back at the library
    • Item check-in : A notice that lists all the of the items the patron has just checked in
  • Patrons can choose to receive their notices as a digest by checking the ‘Digest only?’ box along with the delivery method. A digest is a combination of all the messages of that type (so all items due in 3 days in one email) in to one email instead of multiple emails for each alert.
  • Under Library Management there are two boxes: Sort 1 and Sort 2.  Those will be going away.  We don’t know what they are for and we will not be using them.
  • Phone number in regular phone field should be added as XXX-XXX-XXXX.  Phone number in SMS field should just be XXXXXXXXXX (no dashes).
  • Make sure to include the patron’s cell phone provider if they opt in for SMS notifications.
  • NEVER CREATE A MANUAL CREDIT – it will not work
  • As of right now, we cannot take credit card payments at the desks.  The patron can log in to their account at one of the library computers and pay with a credit card.  It goes through PayPal and is secure.  The card readers we have right now will not work with KOHA.
Sirsi Term KOHA Equivalent
Assumed Lost Longoverdue (Lost)
Current Location Item Status
Forgive Fines Write-off Fines
Home Location Shelving Location
Item Category 1-5 Collection Code (only 1)
Item Type Item Type
Library item is currently at Current Location
User Category 1-12 Patron Attribute
User Profile Patron Category