HR Toolkit

Below are downloadable and customizable documents for common HR functions, with focus on hiring and firing. Please note that while effort has been taken to ensure these documents are in compliance with Federal and State requirements the responsibility for compliance resides entirely with the organization using them. When in doubt, seek legal advice. Are we missing something? Email with suggestions for additions and improvements.


  • Job Ad Placement List: Checklist List of Job Ad options nationally and regionally with approximate prices. *Prices change frequently, always double check. **Contact System Director for assistance with listserv postings.
  • Hiring Checklist: Form that has key steps and requirements laid out for the hiring and selection process
  • Employment Application Form: Meets legal criteria and has signed release; ensure key information for selection is collected and verified
  • Authorization to Interview: Grants supervisors the permission to begin an interview process; may be updated with pre-approved salary ranges, and job description.
  • Interview Questions: Suggested legal interview questions This has a number of effective and legal questions that may be asked by interviewers This is an optional tool for interviewers
  • Interview Work Sheets: Work sheets for interviewers to write their notes and results. This is a legal document should any decision be challenged.
  • Reference Check Questions: Suggested questions for references. Verifies skills and background.
  • Background Check: Now available through Please contact System Director for details.
  • Offer Letter Template: Template These letters will be Federally and NYS compliant for exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Interview Rejection Letter: Template Letter to send to candidates that were interviewed but not hired