• Keep checking this list for the current status of your library. Libraries that are open also offer curbside service.
    Library is open Curbside service only
  • Ahira Hall Memorial Library Curbside service only until further notice: TUE 11AM-4PM, WED 2PM-7PM, THUR 11AM-4PM
  • Alexander Findley Community Library Curbside Service Only: MON 10AM-1PM, THUR 3PM-7PM, SAT 10AM-1PM
    Reopen: July 13   
  • Allegany Public Library Open:  MON-FRI 10AM-2PM
  • Anderson-Lee Library (Silver Creek) Curbside service only until further notice: TUE/THUR 10AM-2PM
  • Ashville Free Library Open:  MON/THUR 9:30AM – 5PM, TUE/WED/FRI 9:30AM – 2:30PM
  • Bemus Point Public Library Open:  MON/TUE 10AM-5PM, WED 1PM-5PM, THUR 10AM-7PM, FRI 10AM-5PM, SAT 10AM-2PM
  • Blount Library (Franklinville) Curbside service only until further notice:  MON-TUE 10AM-3PM
  • Cassadaga Library Open:  MON 1PM-7PM, WED 1PM-7PM, FRI 10AM-4PM
  • Cattaraugus Free Library Open:  MON/WED/FRI 11AM-2PM, TUE/THUR 2PM-6PM
  • Clymer-French Creek Library  Open: MON 9AM-12PM/1PM-5PM, WED 10AM-1PM/3PM-6PM, FRI 9AM-1PM/3PM-6PM, SAT 9AM-2PM
  • Darwin R. Barker Library (Fredonia) Curbside service only until further notice: TUE 4PM-8PM, WED-THUR 1PM-5PM, SAT 10AM-12PM
  • Delevan-Yorkshire Public Library Curbside service only until further notice:  MON 1PM-5PM, TUE 10AM-2PM, WED 1PM-5PM, THUR 2PM-7PM, FRI 1PM-6PM, SAT 9AM-1PM
  • Dunkirk Public Library Open:  MON-THUR 10AM-8PM, FRI-SAT 10AM-5PM
    Limited numbers of patrons will be allowed onsite, and the computer lab is by appointment only.
    The meeting room is still closed to public gatherings. Faxes and copies will not be taken until further notice.
  • Ellicottville Memorial Library Open: MON/THUR/FRI-SAT 10AM-5PM, TUES-WED 10AM-8PM
    Computer use by appointment
    No programs
  • Ellington Farman Library Open:  MON-THUR 11AM-7PM, SAT 10AM-1PM
  • Falconer Public Library Open: MON-WED 9AM-6PM, THUR-FRI 9AM-5PM, SAT 9AM-1PM
  • Fluvanna Free Library Open:  THUR-FRI 11AM-5PM, SAT 11AM-2PM
    Limited capacity
  • Gowanda Free Library Open:  MON 10AM-6PM, TUE 11AM-4PM, WED 10AM-2PM/4PM-8PM, THUR 11AM-4PM, FRI 1PM-9PM, SAT 11AM-4PM
  • Hazeltine Public Library (Busti) Open:  MON 1PM-7PM, TUE 10AM-5PM, WED 1PM-7PM, THUR 10AM-5PM, FRI 1PM-7PM,
    SAT 10AM-1PM
  • James Prendergast Library Open:  MON-FRI 10AM-6PM, SAT 10AM-4PM
    50 people at a time will be permitted in the building.
    Computer sessions will be limited to one hour.
    Curbside service will be available: MON/WED/FRI 4PM-6PM

  • Kennedy Free Library Open:  MON/THUR 3PM-7PM, TUE/WED 10AM – 5PM, SAT 10AM-1PM
  • King Memorial Library (Machias) Curbside service only until further notice: THUR 12pm-4pm
  • Lakewood Memorial Library Open:  MON/WED/FRI 9:30AM-5PM, TUE/THUR 9:30AM-7PM, SAT 9:30AM-1PM
  • Mary E. Seymour Memorial Library Open:  TUE 1PM-7PM, THUR 1PM-7PM, SAT 10AM-4PM
  • Mayville Library Open:  MON-TUE 10AM-7PM, WED 10AM-5PM, THUR 10AM-8PM, FRI 10AM-5PM, SAT 10AM-2PM
  • Memorial Library of Little Valley Curbside service only until further notice:  MON/TUE/THUR 10AM-8PM, FRI 10AM-5PM
  • Minerva Free Library Open:  TUE 4PM-8PM, THUR 9AM-4PM & 6PM-8PM, FRI 9AM-3PM, SAT 9AM-12PM
  • Myers Memorial Library  Open:  MON-FRI 10AM-1PM/3PM-6PM, SAT 10AM-1PM
  • Olean Public Library Open: MON 10:30AM-5PM, TUE 2PM-7PM, WED 10:30AM-5PM, THUR 2PM-7PM, FRI 10:30AM-5PM
    Curbside-only services by appointment MON/WED/FRI 9:30AM-10:30AM 
    Curbside-only services by appointment TUE/THUR 7PM-8PM
  • Patterson Library Open:  MON-FRI 10AM-6PM
    Curbside service available: WED/FRI 1PM-6PM
  • Portville Free Library Open:  MON 1PM-8PM, TUE 10PM-5PM, THUR 1PM-8PM, FRI 9PM-5PM
  • Randolph Free Library Open:  MON-TUE 1PM-9PM, WED 6PM-8PM, THUR 1PM-9PM, FRI-SAT 10AM-5PM
  • Ripley Public Library Curbside service only until further notice:  TUE/THUR 10AM-3PM
  • Salamanca Public Library Open:  MON-FRI 9AM-1PM & 3PM-7PM
  • Seneca Nation Library
    (Allegany & Cattaraugus Branches)
    Curbside service only until further notice:  MON-FRI 10AM-2PM
  • Sinclairville Free Library Open:  MON 2PM-7PM, WED 9AM-5PM, THUR 2PM-7PM, FRI 10AM-4PM
  • Smith Memorial Library Open:  MON-FRI 10AM-4PM, SAT 12PM-3PM
    • Capacity is limited, face coverings are required and social distancing rules apply.
    • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Computers and office services are available on a limited basis.
    • Enhanced sanitization and book-quarantine protocols are in place.
    • Touch-less browsing is encouraged / Safe return bins are located throughout.
    • Transactions are contact-free; preferred payment is exact change.
    • Newspapers are currently unavailable; magazines may be checked out by request.
    • In-person programs, meetings, and food and beverage-sharing are not permitted.
    • Remote services continue at smithlibrary.com, library@chq.org or 716.357.6296.