CCLS has renewed OverDrive digital magazines but with fewer titles due to state aid cuts. Magazines are downloadable at

A Maintenance of Effort (MOE) of local funding is required for all public library systems to be eligible for state aid under Education Law, Section 272 (1) (j) (1) and (2). The MOE purpose is to ensure that local municipalities will also fund public libraries so the state is not the only taxing entity supporting your local public library. Failure to meet the MOE triggers a 25% reduction of the library system’s state aid. The MOE is a system wide amount, so significant changes in local funding in any one county can have serious repercussions on the total system’s state aid amount.

The City of Jamestown cut the Prendergast Library’s funding by 50 percent in 2018 and 71 percent in 2017. Due to the failure to meet the MOE the purchasing of databases and nonfiction materials will be impacted. If you use the Prendergast Library and/or if you use OverDrive to download ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines AND you pay taxes in Jamestown, please request your Jamestown City Council to support your local library.