Penn Foster Courses

CCLS is proud to offer free online basic career skills courses from Penn Foster. Penn Foster career packs are supported by the funds from the New York State Library’s Adult Literacy Library Service Program.  Each course pack offers the opportunity to learn, review, and practice career related skills.

Why choose Course Packs?

  • Work at your own pace
  • Choose to complete the whole course packet or just a specific section
  • Use anywhere there is an internet connection
  • All you need is an up-to-date library card to check out a course pack
  • Earn skill badge once a whole course is complete
  • It’s free

What Course Packs are Available?

Adult Literacy Review the basic skills and strategies used by adults for reading and writing in everyday life, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, and text analysis and comprehension.

Soft Skills- Discover the people, personal, and workplace skills needed for entry-level and front-line job readiness, including respect, integrity, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, and decision making.

Basic Math- Practice the basic skills and strategies needed for math used in everyday life, including basic operations, problem solving, personal financial management, and budgeting.

Math for Careers – Review the practical application of the basic math skills and strategies used in business and industrial settings, including basic operations, problem solving, percentages, basic algebra, measuring, and measurement systems.

Digital Literacy – Work with and integrate computer applications skills used in a variety of work environments, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Click here for more in depth description of each course:   Penn Poster Promo Materials


Q. How long does a course pack take?

A. It depends on the course. The range is between 35 hours and 127 hours, but you can work at your own pace

Q. How long can I check out a course pack for?

A. All course pack loans are for 4 weeks and can be renewed once

Q. What if I finish before the loan is up?

A. You can return the course pack early, letting someone else check it out

Q. Do I have to complete every section?

A. No, you can pick and choose which sections you wish to complete

Q. What if the course I want is checkouted out already?

A. You can place a hold on that particular course

Q. What is the badge?

A. It is a digital badge awarded after completing a full course pack and can be listed on resumes under skills